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British License Victory!


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My new insurer insisted that I change my British lisence into a French one (within a year of coming to France) and after information on ths site rang back to say "I don't need to need to change it".

They checked with the "etudes" department and insisted that I did need to change it.

I then wrote back (with printouts of the european law) to say "I don't think so!" and asked them to clarify the law which meant I had to change it! I worte to the manager of the department this time.

I received a letter today which said "after a check, we inform you that an exchange of your english permit is not compulsary" They did ask for an "attestation" to say that I have never had an infraction on french territory (which I havn't, so will send), but I am really overjoyed that my fight for keeping my British licence won!

As I have said in other mails, I don't think it's too much bother to change it, but it's the principle that I SHOULDN'T NEED TO (and I like the little credit card licence which helps to serve as an identity card).

If anyone else has a similar problem and would like a "model letter" then please contact me.



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