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Insurance for vehicles not on the road


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Thought I had seen, possibly on this forum but cannot find it again, that  vehicle, even if it is off the road - possibly being restored - requirs insurance.

If so, how does the cost of this insurance compare with insurance for road use.



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Continuous insurance is required for all road vehicles which have been registered as capable for road use (defined as "mise en circulation") regardless of whether they're being kept on or off the road.  It's so that third party cover is in place in the event of someone taking the vehicle out onto the road without the owner's explicit permission/knowledge (though it's not applicable if the vehicle has been stolen).  

You would not be able to cancel your existing policy mid term, unless you had sold the vehicle to someone else.  However, you could decide not to renew it upon expiry of the contract period.

Given that a restoration project would probably involve the vehicle being wholly or partially dismantled and therefore taken "out of circulation" as it were, it's unlikely that any problem would arise when it's in this state.  Once the restoration is nearing completion, it would make sense to re-insure it for at least third party fire and theft to protect your investment.


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