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Having just purchased a house in France,I have also acquired a French van!!!!!! The van is a large Renault Master.Whilst the van is proving invaluable,transporting stuff,I am having problems with seeing traffic at to the right at certains junctions and roundabouts in the UK.

Has anyone else out there had that little problem and how did you solve it????

I have spent a lot of time looking for some kind of mirror but to date I've had no luck.Any advice would be greatly appreciated.Thanks!!!   

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[quote user="Marc"]It's worth trying to pull up square to junctions if possible - my builder friend regularly does this although it can look a bit odd.
(if your van is white you probably don't need to be nearly as thoughtful!)



Thats exactly the way I did it on my last visit to UK.


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I have to deal with this problem daily as I drive a left hand drive roadsweeper for a living (in the uk). The answer is an extra mirror angled out further than the usual one on the offside.

On my Daf I have a 'D' shaped mirror arm with the extra mirror above the normal one , the glass in the extra mirror is of the convex style. Trial and error is needed in setting the angle but once set junctions and roundabouts are a doddle.

If you can't fit a 'D'shaped arm then fit an aftermarket door mirror higher than the normal mirror, you may like to fit a 'kerb'mirror as well. These fit to the top of the door looking down at the ground and (my own preference) slightly to the rear, these help you to see cars and cycles in the lhd blind spot.

Hope this has been of help,


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