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new vin plate!


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Our car was a jap import to UK where it was registered.  We started the proceedure to re-register it in france and when we applied for a certificate de conformite we only achaived partial conformite as 1 letter on the vin plate was marked as a number on the uk log book. Today it has been for its inspection for  reception de titre isole.  The only thing that doesn't comply are the seat belts as we have lap belts in the back but we have been told that the japenese vin plate is no good here even though it displays all the required info so we have to get a new one made the kind chap even drew a picture of it and marked all the info it has to show but where can we get this done?  Any ideas??

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Is it just the weights that are missing?

If so, the info that you will probably need to add to the VIN plate (in this order) is :

PTAC (= Poids total à charge autorisé = max gross weight


PTRA (= Poids total roulant autorisé = max gross weight with trailer)

maxi 1 (= max weight allowed on front axle)

maxi 2 (= max weight allowed on rear axle)

A local garage/bodyshop might have a set of 'punch' numbers to do

the job, however they could well be suspicious if you don't show them

the paper from the DRIRE asking you to do this. Trick is to find a set

of characters small enought to fit on the existing plate. If space is

short you can normally just add the figures without the PTAC/Kg labels because

these weights are always shown in the same sequence - best call your local
DRIRE to double check that this is OK with them. Failing that try a

local shoe-repair shop for an engraved plate but you'll find they tend

to charge more that a garage would for a quick hammer+punch job.

If you have one of those ubiquitous 'tool-lorries' that calls in

you area they sometimes sell these punches (jeu de poinçons, frappe à

froid etc) which would allow you to DIY.
They are not reversed characters

so this means that they are infact stamped from the front side (whereas

the original VIN info is invariably stamped from behind). This means

that you don't have to take the plate off. The plate will bend a bit

though under the hammer if it's mounted on a thin support.

If you want a really neat job, it's no big deal to drill out the rivets and and re-rivet when you've finished....

I wouldn't seek out a dealer for this kind of job!

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