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Selling a car in France


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I am about to try and sell my 18month old French registered Renault Modus.  When (or if) I get someone interested in it, what is the process for completing the sale?  Obviously, in the UK, you would just complete the log book with the sellers and buyers details and send if off to Swansea - what do you do here in France?  Also, what method of payment should I ask for?  I know a French cheque shouldn't bounce, but is there another, safer method?

Any info is welcome


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I think you need to go and ask for the required forms -- there is something in triplicate that you need -- probably from the prefecture.

The cheque issue is irrelevant: you put it in the bank and wait for it to clear!

Last time we sold a car the guy gave us a cheque, we waited for it to clear, and he collected the vehicle with the balance paid in cash.

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You must provide the buyer with:

  • Carte Grise barrée: this is your vehicle registration document, mark it in

    indelible ink with the words "Vendue le..." and the date, or "Cédée

    le..." and the date, followed by your signature.
  • A certificat de situation, which includes a certificate of non-security

    (valid for one month) and a certificate of non-opposition (valid for two

    months). The form is available from the Préfecture or Sous-Préfecture. Also known as non gage. http://www.interieur.gouv.fr/sections/a_votre_service/vos_demarches/vehicules/telecartegrise_particuliers (Cut and paste if the link doesn't work)

  • If the car is more than 4 years old, you must provide a contrôle technique

    (CT) certificate as proof of roadworthiness. It must be no more than 6 months

  • Within 2 weeks, you must send the duplicate of your certificat de vente to

    the Préfecture or Mairie of the place where your car was registered.

There is no administrative charge when selling a car.

SD should be around soon and add anything I may have forgotten

One thing to remember, never, ever let a car go until the cheque has been given at least 7-10 days to clear. Take no notice if it shows in your account in just 2 or 3 days, that is no guarantee that it is actually cleared.

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Quite a coincidence - we recently bought an 18 month old Renault Modus from someone who was returning to UK. Not arguing with Miki's detailed reply but we didn't have that info at the time. Not knowing the correct procedure we accepted a hand written note of transfer of ownership plus the carte grise and luckily when I went to the Prefecture to change the Carte Grise they accepted this but did say there were a few forms which should have been filled in. I'm very pleased with the car by the way - an improvement on a beat-up Renault Express van which I used to drive. I like the driving position and good allround visibility. Pat.

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Here's the link for the[url=http://www.interieur.gouv.fr/sections/a_votre_service/vos_demarches/vehicules/telecartegrise_particuliers] certificat de situation/non-gage[/url].

The certificat de vente as mentioned by Miki is the one used by motor traders.  The one for private sales is the [url=http://www.prefecture-police-paris.interieur.gouv.fr/demarches/Formulaires/cerce.pdf]certificat de cession[/url]. 


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