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Cautionary Driving tale

Pierre ZFP

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Had an eventful journey into work today, a car in front of me (going too fast in icy conditions) went straight off the road, down a bank and crashed into a field some way down. I stopped, as did a couple of blokes in a builders van behind me. Climbed down to the car which was a complete wreck, airbags gone off everywhere. Woman and small child were screaming their heads off but the man was more worrying as he very quiet and looking blank. He seemed to be uninjured though and breathing but very shocked. I turned off the car ignition and got them all together , couldn't get them back to the warmth of my car as bank too steep for them to climb and they were probably injured. Builders called ambulance and stayed with the family so I went back to grab my triangle and yellow jacket (glad I had them) and go and warn cars that were passing very fast. Tried to wave them down but most were going way too fast and ignored me - like i'm in the road on a foggy icy day for my health! after 10-15 mins or so the Pompiers-Sapeurs and cops turned up. A Pompier came running past me carrying lights and a big warning triangle, we both winced as a car I was trying to slow down came past us at speed and skidded to a stop sideways across the road just missing the ambulance. Then a big BMW also came past at speed, driver looked at us with distain then whacked into the side of the other car, which then hit the ambulance. A copper was standing right by it and I thought that someone has not had a good start to the week. The people in the car were stretchered off so I gave my name and address and left. Copper said that they weren't interested in a statement as it was the driver's own fault but the insurance might want my story. I drove off leaving the BMW driver to explain why he had added to the day's misery.

I won't complain about the cost of my winter tyres again!!

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