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Has anyone any experience of the Carte Bleue Cadeau ( http://www.carte-bleue-cadeau.com/ ).

This is a prepay Carte Bleue card which will give me a Carte Bleue without a French account and which I am hoping will be useful to buy petrol out of hours etc.  Trouble is it is only valid for a year and I am wondering how easy it is to reclaim unused credit.  Also how much does it cost?


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According to the terms on the site you linked to:

You have to buy it from a bank where you have an account (and your bank must offer it!).  So it is not a card without a French account unless someone else buys it for you.

Each bank has its own charge so you'll have to ask them what it is. 

You can't top it up once you've bought it. 

You can recoup any balance at the end of the year.

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