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transferring car insurance warning!!!


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A few years ago i had a car insured by a french insurance company, at this time the insurance company asked me for the address of my english insurance so that my no claims bonus could be transferred. This was provided by my english insurance company and no more was said i paid my third party insurance and thought no more about it. I recently got an estimate for fully comp insurance on a newer car, i found the quote quite high and questioned my french insurance company i was told that they had not transferred my no claims bonus. i had seen the letter from my english insurance with my last english insurance policy on the desk a few days before so why hadnt they transferred the bonus? aah my english insurance had sent my paperwork through with 5 years no claimshowever my french insurance wanted this represented as a percentage value, they had never informed me that the transfer had not gone ahead at the initial time. so anyway my english insurance has now sent a letter with the percentage value indicated and i shall see the french insurance company next week to make surethey transfer the bonus.

So a word of warning if transferring your no claims: write the letter to your english insurance company yourself make surethey give you a percentage value for your no claims bonus and then make sure your french insurance does indeed put your existing no claims on your new insurance.

this took three discussions at the french insurance company for me to drag the reason why my insurance estimate was so high out of the insurance company. this was not a language problem issue but more a situation of not giving me enough information in order to for me to continue to pay over the odds insurance. some people in france do insist in trying to take the piss out of the english you can normally spot them in a suit and an office


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That was the exact opposite of my experience, the first "proof of NCB" letter from the insurance company said that I was entitled to 60% NCB, this meant nothing to the French insurers as their majoration coefficient goes by how many years accident free and the maximum is only 50% after many more years then the UK companies.

I had to get a second letter confirming how many years of claim free driving it represented.

Perhaps you are already getting the majoration reduction on your existing policy, your new quote was gross, which would be reduced by the %age you already have when you take out the new insurance? Most of the quotes I got were like that.

For your info when I changed from "responsibilite civile" only (not fire and theft) to multi-risque on the same car the premium only increased from 250 to 287 euros (6CV) however the quote was 410 euros which did not include the 50% majoration which in turn was only effective on the premium net of fraises - confused? So was I!

To add another question to this thread, if you already have earned a percentage majorisation and then want to insure a second car do you still benefit from your claim free record or have to build it up again?

If the answer is the latter then if you have an accident with one car will it affect the majoration on the other?

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