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Child car seat


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Hi Dotty,

How old is the child? I recently picked up a booster seat for my 4.5 yr old very cheaply in Leclerc (around 6 euros I think). Do you know anyone locally who has kids and might have an old one hanging around? You can get new seats for tiny babies pretty cheaply but the larger, in between size can be expensive. Don't be tempted to buy a second hand one if you don't know the owners as the seat may be damaged. I guess you could also ask at a car hire company - they always hire them out if you rent a car so maybe they would hire you one on its own? These are always a bit grubby though, so a good idea to line them with an old towel you can cut holes in for the straps if you're not worried about the look of the thing!

Hope you find something,


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Thanks for replying, I should have said aged 8, so its more of a booster seat than a car seat.

I bought one last year from HyperU on a promo, I think I paid about 6.00euros.  Does anyone know, apart from the supermarkets, where I can get one.


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