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sit on mower problem..........help... the grass is stating to grow again.


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did notwant to post on garden section

After storage and recharging battery I placed back on mower.Unfortunately the seat which lowers down above the battery had caught the red +ve  connecting cable and managed to cut through the rubber boot on the end.

This is what I found out after the mower would not start and a spring which the seat reats on was found to be very hot!

Fortunately not the electric chair voltage!!!.When I had twisted the cable over away from the underside of the metal seat and tried again I suppose the battery had lost most of its charge into the seat??I tried again starter moter turned twice very faintly.

Recharged battery for 2 hours and tried again but not turning the starter at all ,although front headlamps lit.

The model is automatic gear change( OLEOMATIC ).

will charge battery overnight but could I have done any damage with shorting the battery through the seat??and destroyed something else??

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