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CT C15 repair.


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C15 E  failed CT on thursday with 2 months to fix.

Phare gauche...no problem.

Essuie glace...no problem.

Flector de direction....probably not too difficult...spare available in portugal.

Correcteur de freinage.....reputedly leaking...presume requires replacement.

Amortisseurs arrières...this one scares me more than a bit....horizontal with strong springs...got two hooked compressors that work fine on mcpherson struts...dont think they will work...Haynes quotes a citroën service tool.

Thinking of chancer but any suggestions welcome and which is better oil or gas; local Citroën agent who presumably has the tool or the local MaxAuto.

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[quote user="derf"]Some info HERE

Thanks a lot more info than on the french Visa forums.

Have bookmarked. Looks horrendous. The Dutch bloke certainly gets points for resourcefulness.

Seems incredible that the tool is no longer supplied by Citroën as they made the C15 up to i think 2010 in france.

I wonder if the dutchman is still alive and fitting shocks.


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Not worked on a C15 so dont know the access but it cant be tighter than coil over shocks on a single seater.

I would use ratchet straps to progressively compress the springs, 3 per spring is better than two, dont be tempted to try the type with the hooks on the end you will just get snarled up.

Did you say it was the rear springs? most modern vehicles dont need a compressor on the rears, if you can disconnect one end of the shocker while the weight is on the vehicle and any other attachments (anto roll bar etc) that limit the droop of the suspension you can usually just jack up the vehicle to release the pressure and the road spring.

Good luck.

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Afraid I am a bit sentimental about the Romahome as it has given faithful service, perhaps overloaded sometimes with 4 metre bastaings & madriers.

Be sorry to part company, anyway the shocks and mountings et al will finally decide the issue one way or the other.

I'll check with the mécano at Dekra as to the real suspension situation this week accompanied by the Haynes Manual diagrams.

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