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Lorry fell off Ile d'Oléron Bridge

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"En revanche, cet accident a provoqué d'importants embouteillages en

fin d'après-midi et dans la soirée de vendredi pour entrer ou sortir de


Les 100 litres de gasoil que contenait le camion ont causé un début

de pollution, nettoyée par la cellule anti-pollution des

sapeurs-pompiers, à l'aide d'une pompe aspirante avant la marée


Tailbacks a plenty as you said Betty. A lucky escape for the driver but what a mess to clear up.

Recently there have been several bad even fatal accidents on the bridge to the Ile de Ré. Front page headline in Sud-Ouest the other day said the worst thing about the Ile de Ré is the bridge.

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I might have qualified what I meant when I said "I bet that caused some tailbacks" by explaining that, when in France, I live just off the main Oleron road.. Even on a good day, with no lorries dropping off the bridge, the tailbacks can be pretty impressive.

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[quote user="woolybanana"]

Great Bobo in a bucket, how did he manage to do that, wind?



The driver says he lost control, but can't remember how or why.  He says he's been driving for thirty-six years and it's his first accident!  The lorry was loaded with post to be sorted at Périgny and that was also miraculously saved.



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