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battery charging.URGENT MUST CUT GRASS.


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After 10 years my lawn mower battery will give a brrr noise but not turn over engine.Recharging no help'.

So bought a new baterry and my mower manual recommends to charge even a new battery before use to extend life.

So question is that they recommend to use constant voltage charger,otherwise you can damage battery!

I have old charger bought in England about 20years ago and it only has a needle on scale and a low or high position switch.It has a sticker on it stating 3.5amps.

I'm not electrically clever .......will this model be ok?

THE reading on new battery is about 12.1 volts.


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Had the same problem when we arrived this time (90 euros for a new one).

I would charge it with the existing charger this once and then buy a new charger - it will have been sitting in the dealers and hence discharged some.


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I use a motorcycle charger for my lawnmower battery. The battery manufacturer should say what the maximum charge should be, usually a label on the battery itself. 3.5A seems a little high to me; I would have thought 1.5A.  For new battery it's generally recommend to give it a long charge, at least overnight, at a low charging rate.  Properly maintaining the battery is key to long life, push a high current through it now and you'll be replacing it again next year.


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