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UK registered car that has died in France


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Hello !

My old car died on me just outside my house so that fortunately I managed to have it pushed into the garden where it is currently parked.

This happened 2 years ago and I have  been declaring it SORN  all this time because I do not know what else to do.

If  I sell it in France to be crashed  how will I have to declare it to the UK authorities ? And how will they take it  in consideration of the fact that I have declared it off the road when it has been abroad ?

I wish to avoid paying having to pay either a fine or export (?) duties nor to have it repatriated.

I called the DVLA, Swansea on their premium lines and after longish wait i got the obvious answer.....please write in with your case !

thanks for any advice


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A few options.,...

1 - write "scrapped" across the V5 and send it back to DVLA. They have recently(ish) removed the tickbox option for you to say you have scrapped it yourself. Technically you need a certificate of destruction from an approved breakers yard to send them, but just writing in saying you scrapped it will normally do.

2 - Send of the yellow form saying it has been exported. This removes it from Sorn and from their records. You SHOULD hear nothing more, but I am still getting SORN reminders for a car I exported 3 years ago.

3 - Send the V5 back, having filled out the new keeper as Mr Singh, 10 Leeds Road, Bradford. Done.

Whatever way you go, dont worry about export duty etc as nothing applies to you.

As for disposal of the car itself, stick an ad on www.leboncoin.fr offering it free to whoever takes it - it will be gone so fast they might leave scorch marks behind! If its something interesting/rare perhaps just sell it at a reasonable price for spare parts.(I sold an unwanted Vectra V6 SRi for more than I bought it in UK to some chap here who just wanted the engine from it)

If its scrap-only and there is a breakers yard not too far from you, speak to them and they will probably uplift it. May charge for uplift though.
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Scrap value currently €130 per tonne at my casse so a couple of hundred euros for the average vehicle.

Less a charge for removing the tyres from the wheels

Less a charge for disposal of said tyres.

Less a charge for draining and disposal of all fluids

Less a charge for collecting the vehicle

Patati, patata.................................................

You should still come out with a few quid in your sky rocket though.

Remove the battery though and weigh it in seperately, I got €17 for a pair a couple of weeks ago, they pay €450 per tonne so with my batteries weighing 38kg they brought me in €12 more than if they had remained on a vehicle.

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