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Has anyone bought and imported a motorhome from the Republic of Ireland/UK please, and if so, did you have any problems etc?? I have done the registration process with an old car I moved over with, but not a potential purchase of a second hand motorhome. Trying to weigh up the costs etc before I 'jump in' and buy! Any help much appreciated, thanks
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I did this some six years ago but from England to France.

The information which you need and which I will try to remember applied to the Prefecture in 85. It appears from other threads that the rules can be interpreted differently from Prefecture to Prefecture and, if your spoken French is good enough, it might be worth checking with your own Prefecture.

Take the invoice for the vehicle to your local tax office and get a quitus fiscal so long as the vehicle is over six months old and has over 6.000 kms. on the clock otherwise you may have to pay VAT and then claim it back from Ireland.

You will need a Certificate of Conformity for the base vehicle in French as well as a CoC for the conversion, again in French. Before buying the vehicle check that these are available. The CoC for the base vehicle is probably not difficult to get as most vans are sold all over Europe. Unless the conversion was sold in Europe getting a CoC in French will probably be impossible but there is another way.


The organisation you had to go to was originally DRIRE but I believe this has now changed (someone will be along with the correct name). You will be given a sheaf of documents to complete for the conversion covering axle weghts, fresh
and waste water tanks and a host of other details on the conversion It is not an easy task. You will also need to get the gas system checked out and again you will need to visit a specialist organisation (name somebody please) which may involve a long journey as they are not very thick on the ground.

Don;t forget insurance and a FRench CT if necessary.

Good luck.

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