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Web site tpo see points on/off french licence


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Last year, I changed to a french licence at the request of the government - they wanted to give me two points on it.

When I finally got the licence, I also got info about where I could look to see how my points total was doing - I have lost that paperwork. Can anyone tell me where to look, or do I have to face the Prefecture again?


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Thanks, AnOther, that's the site.

However, since I've lost the paperwork that came with my licence, I've also lost the ID and PW to get into it. If I can't find them, I'll have to get them re-issued.

(No, no more deductions since that offence. It's just that I looked when I first got the paperwork, and they'd not taken the points away - I was wondering if I was still lucky, or if the system had finally caught up with me)


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