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Motorhome Type Approval


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Has the process got any easier for getting type approval for a RHD motorhome in France? Mine is a Rollerteam Pegaso 181. It is a right hand drive model with the "caravan" door on the left, (UK nearside opening). With the door opening on the UK side, would this be a problem?
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I did this about seven years ago for a Dethleffs.

I didn't fancy completing the forms from DRIRE (as it was , I believe it's now another acronym).

I got a French language CoC for the base vehicle (Fiat), I think from Fiat France and a CoC from Dethleffs France for the conversion.

Sorry to be a bit hazy on the details but it was quite some time ago.

Looking on the 'net the Rollerteam appears to be Italian but it was sold in France so you should be able to get a CoC.

Best  of luck.

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