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Penalty points on UK licence


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In short. Nothing.

In France you start with 12 points and have them deducted for offences, whereas in the UK, as you probably know, they are added.

They are for UK offences so are not recognised in France. You will end up with a clean licence.
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Yes I have heard that they call it a ghost licence incase you should return to the UK, you then still have the points.

However that is not of interest in my case. Has anyone first hand experience of changing a UK licence with points to a french licence and found their new permit de conduire to be clean?
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There is no mechanism for transferring penalty points from one to the

other nor can there be when you have one system awarding a minimum of 3

points which run for 3 years and another deducting 1 point out of 12 for

the the self same offence, and then giving it back after 6 months if

you don't get caught again in that time.

Absent a full and

genuine harmonisation of European licences with all members adopting a

common system that will never change and frankly that's unlikely to be

happening in anybody's lifetime - if ever !
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