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Exporting car France to UK


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LOL that was that last thing I thought of doing when we moved back, what with all the hoops to jump through in the UK seemed like too much hassle so we sold it in France.

I looked on my old prefectures web site and that directed me to the british embassy in Paris to find out what to do.

Personally when in doubt, I always called whosoever I thought was involved, ie in this case the prefecture.

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[quote user="AnOther"]Don't forget NOVA [;-)]


What fun! Just goes to show how the EU has improved life for us all.

I gave a car to an English employee in Spain who was returning permanently to the UK a few years ago.

He drove it back via Dover, where customs completed a form, which they gave to him.

They didn't charge him anything as I had given it to him more than six months previously.

Next day he took the car for an MOT test.

He posted off the test certificate and the customs form, and received a V5 a few days later.

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DVLA will not re-register without a NOVA application, also private individuals cannot make an application online it has to be a paperwork jobby, however they will send an application form via email for one to complete and send by mail. Telephone number requesting this is 0044 300 200 3700.
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