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Changing name on carte grise


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We weren't aware when we got our car into the French system that we could put it in both names. I went onto the ANTS site recently and it seems that giving to car to me (as my husband could no longer drive) was just like selling it to a stranger. I was asked for a password I don't have, I requested a new one which never came.

I found that a garage can do the application and it's often quicker that way.

I can't believe the cost! I think it was 270 euros, plus a new CT as ours was over 6 months ago (8!), The garage charge 28 which isn't bad.

Sadly my husband died before I sorted this, so it will have to be dealt with by a notaire, more complicated probably. A French friend said just pretend my husband signed the Carte Grise and carry on with the application.
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The only way that a spouse may be added for a lower charge is for a vehicle owned by one partner before marriage.

This then costs only 2.50 €.

A valid CT (not one less than 6 months old, as for a normal transfer) is required if the car is over 4 years old.

Details here

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