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2 adult passengers + 1 infant + 1 newborn - how to legally seat?


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Morning !

Will have a full car this summer. (Passat, saloon)

2 adult passengers (not including driver), 1 infant (12kg, 3yrs old), 1 newborn (< 1 yr).

Is this OK:

Back, side seat, Infant car seat (12kg, 3 yrs old) [I know the airbag issue]

Back, middle seat, newborn car seat (<1 yr old)

Back, side seat, adult


If this is ok legally, is there any website to confirm it? I've only found sites that isolate seating to 1 child.

thanks !
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Hi there,

Thank you.

I've googled quickly for child seats next to each other. It seems it's possible to fit 3 child seats in the back for a passat B8. So, all good.

The main question wasn't the type of seat for each age, but instead, can they be put side by side in the back row of seats. They can.

Thanks for the age-seat-specifics links. All handy. Just need make sure width of the chosen seats is in the narrow category to ensure snug fitting in the back

thanks !
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