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Bringing a previously French registered car back to France


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Hi All I hope that you can help.

We imported our UK car to France a few years ago, returned to the UK with work for last 2 years & took back the original UK registration - all done properly & very easily.

We have just returned to France permanently & want to re-register the same car back in France - will the previous French status be applied? We have copies of the old carte grise & documents we used to secure French registration - can we submit those easily & have the original French registration reinstated? We wouldn't have to pay the tax again etc would we?

Can we do this online or would we need to use one of the 'agents' that administer such registrations now?

Grateful for any helpful advice.


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BinB .. I can only agree .. as the French system relies (mostly) on a one-off registration fee in lieu of annual 'road tax' charges as is current in the UK.

Of course if the car is highly powered then not only will you pay a high initial registration fee but an annual 'pollution' fee as well.

Things have changed here over the last few years.
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