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Vehicle Fuel Prices.


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No doubt people's fuel bills will have drastically reduced of late and with the price of oil cascading significantly as well, it would appear the sharks aren't all following suit.

A couple of weeks ago LeClerc was the cheapest for gazoil when I filled up (€1.12/ltr) and today whilst out in mrs c's car, the first trip for seven weeks, we filled up with SP 98 at Carrefour who were the cheapest at €1.16/ltr.

For years now I've used this government site Prix des Carburants en France  It's kept up to date and is simple to use. Just enter the fuel type, your Depertment, then city or postcode and there is a choice of the sort of filling station you want to use if you want to filter that precisely.

It's also possible to research filling stations for a journey, if that ever becomes a reality again.

Why would you want to give away €'s unnecessarily, especially now, when it looks like the economy is about to be going head first down the pan?

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It must be a regional thing.


just checked gazoil for today and at LeClerc it is priced at €1.059/ltr

and two Total in the vicinity are priced at €1.253/ltr and €1.248/ltr respectively.

I know which outlets bottom line I'll be contributing to and supporting.
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You are driving??

I drive once a week, c'est tout. I filled up almost a week before lock down, and still have far too much in the tank to make me even consider topping up.

I am told that diesel is about a £1 a litre at the moment, but there you go. Even if they were giving it away, I could hardly get any in my tank.

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