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ALIS/EASYTRIP Toll Transponder


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I've been away from the forum for a few years but I recall that some of you got toll transponders from Alis when they were doing a decent deal for low use drivers. A few years ago they shifted everything over to a company trading as Easytrip, with (of course) a less good deal. Now Easytrip is throwing in the towel and proposing to transfer people over to yet another crowd. This new deal is again slightly more expensive and the transponder will also work in Spain and Portugal as well as France.
If you do nothing, your account will be closed.
BUT if you do NOT return the transponder within 30 days of receiving the email, you will be charged 35€.
So, if you are intending not to move to the proposed new provider, get the transponders sent back!


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Pickles, I use Vinci (now called Ulys) for my transponder, and I have one where I pay 1.50€ a month (from memory, but it's a very small amount) if I do not use it, but not in the months when I do, when of course I pay the tolls instead!  I am not sure if the same package I have is still available, but with what I have I can use it in the same manner now down as far as Barcelona .. and it is recognised by the Spanish tolls which makes travelling that far into Spain a doddle.  Since we are at that side of France, of course, trips into near Spain are not unknown!

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Thanks for that, Pickles. I hope all is well with you.

I received the email yesterday, saw it this morning.

The form requires the car’s registration number, which Alis/Easytrip didn’t. We drive down to our place in France less often and hire cars on arrival instead, so it makes it more of a nuisance as we’d have to remember to notify them of the hire car’s registration number each time. Plus we wouldn’t have the number until we’d picked it up.

So we’re still undecided about accepting the change.
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I use a Bip&Go transponder https://www.bipandgo.com/en/ which also works in Italy, Portugal and Spain and in some car parks. It is a Liber-t toll tag device.

You can either pay 16€ as an annual fee or 1.70€ for each month you use the device (0€ if you don't).

You can get a Liber-t toll tag through a UK web site and using a UK bank account, but they charge more.

Liber-t toll tag is part of SANEF who have an associate company running the Dartford Crossing concession. They have mentioned they hope to implement the tags there sometime in the future.
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I started with the ALIS deal and transferred to Easytrip. It has worked well for me, especially as it was offered with no initial charge, complete with a bunch of free goodies. You are only charged for a month in which you have used the badge - this started at one euro and, as mentioned, will now be 1,70. So if used in say 3 months, that's 5,10 per year. Probably worth it for the pleasure of driving straight at the barrier without having to stop (in the 30 lane).

I alternate between taking my car and my van so it will be interesting to see what happens if I only register one of the registration numbers. Perhaps not best to test this out in the non-stopping lane, though.
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The Bip&Go badges are not limited to a particular vehicle.

From https://tinyurl.com/yx3aw2dy

Can I use one badge for all the types of vehicle I own (car, car with caravan, motorbike, campervan…)?

Yes – the Bip&Go electronic toll payment badge is not connected to one particular vehicle. It can therefore be used for the light vehicle (class 1, 2 and 5) of your choice. Trips are billed to the contract holder who is responsible for its use. To benefit from electronic toll payment in your different vehicles, you can order an extra holder or extra badge in one of our agencies or in your subscriber area.

However, you must make sure you take the right electronic toll payment lane for your type of vehicle
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I got the email from Easytrip too, but coincidentally, I'd just moved providers anyway, as my local outfit ATMB had an offer on. I've re-read the Easytrip email, and though I can see the reference to returning the badge within 30 days from receipt of the email, I can't see any reference to a 35 euro fine if you don't. Have I missed it?
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Si vous n’êtes pas intéressé, votre contrat sera résilié

automatiquement. Nous vous recommandons de nous retourner le badge pour

éviter les frais de non-restitution de 35€ prévus dans nos Conditions

Générales d’Utilisation.

Vous devez retourner le badge dans un délai de 30 jours à compter de

la réception du courriel de notification de la cessation de notre

activité. Ce retour doit être effectué par lettre suivie ou par lettre

recommandée avec accusé de réception à l’adresse suivante :

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You seem to have a different email to me, mine says this:

'Si vous ne souhaitez pas souscrire une offre télépéage AREA, nous vous remercions, dans un délai de 30 jours à compter de la réception de ce courriel, de bien vouloir adresser votre badge par lettre suivie ou par lettre recommandée avec accusé de réception à l’adresse suivante :

Regroup’Eure / ET

CS 20715


No mention anywhere of a penalty. Could it be because I've been with them for around 12 years?

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Apologies! I found the paragraph referenced above through following the links in the email. Bit of a cheek though, saying it will be deactivated, but if you don't send it back (suivi or recommandée - of course!), we'll sting you for 35 euros. Mind you, last time the battery went flat in my badge, Easytrip wouldn't send out a replacement until I had sent the other one back and they had checked whether I was telling the truth. Not exactly fantastic customer service, even for France........
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So I received the email on 3rd March, deactivation happens on 15 April so last date it can be used is 14 April but add 30 days to 3 March and that takes you to 3rd April they want it back if you do not take their 'kind and generous' offer.

One would have thought it would have been 30 days from 15 April.
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[quote user="NickP"]I haven't had any E/Mails at all about this I looked on their website a couple of days ago, there was no mention of the situation.[/quote]
Yes, it's quite weird: all the old gumpf about the Liber-t peage transponder is still there BUT there's nowhere to sign up for Easytrip's offering any more.
The email may have ended up in your spam, but they claim that they may have tried to call you or sent an SMS in the FAQ below. Customer service is NOT their forte!

They have updated their FAQs in the last couple of days:
The first FAQ is:

J’ai reçu un message (e-mail, sms, appel) m’invitant à m’abonner chez AREA et à changer de badge. De quoi s’agit-il ?

Les badges télépéage Easytrip seront désactivés à compter du 15 avril 2020

et seront donc hors d’usage. Rassurez-vous, nous vous proposons un

nouveau badge chez notre partenaire AREA pour que vous puissiez circuler

en toute liberté. Cette proposition est valable pour chaque contrat

télépéage que vous avez signé lors de votre souscription chez Easytrip.

Les modalités de votre offre chez AREA seront très proches de celles de

l’offre Easytrip dont vous bénéficiez. Nous vous informons que votre

espace client Easytrip restera accessible après la désactivation de

votre/vos badges télépéage. Notre équipe est à votre disposition pour

vous informer sur cette transition. Nous vous prions de privilégier le

contact sur Facebook Messenger pour des réponses rapides à vos




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Easytrip's facebook page has been updated with the following:

Chers clients,

Nous vous informons qu'Easytrip France va

cesser prochainement ses activités relatives au télépéage. Par

conséquent, les badges Easytrip seront désactivés à compter du 15 avril

2020 et tous les contrats seront malheureusement résiliés à cause de

l'arrêt du service.

Nous contactons en ce moment, par e-mail,

tous nos clients, quant à la cession de notre activité de télépéage. Si

vous n'avez pas encore reçu d'e-mail, soyez assurés que vous en recevrez

un dans les prochains jours.

Afin que vous puissiez continuer à bénéficier des avantages du

télépéage, des offres exclusives vous sont proposées par notre

partenaire AREA, et de nouveaux badges télépéage vous seront livrés

gratuitement. Pour ce faire, vous pourrez souscrire chez AREA via

l'e-mail envoyé par Easytrip.

Pour plus d’informations, rendez-vous sur notre site web : https://www.easytrip.fr/transition.

Merci pour votre compréhension.

L'équipe Easytrip

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Ah, sorry Nick, the charges are in the email ... which they haven't sent to you ... yet!
In the email that I received it says:

En choisissant la formule topEurop France Espagne Portugal, votre nouveau badge AREA vous sera offert (frais de mise en service de 11 € offerts) ainsi que votre premier mois de frais de gestion. Vous le recevrez gratuitement chez vous (frais de livraison de 4€ offerts), et il sera immédiatement utilisable en France mais aussi en Espagne et au Portugal.


offre vous est proposée avec des frais de gestion facturés seulement

les mois utilisés : 1,70 € par mois circulé en France, 2,40 € par mois

circulé en zone ibérique.

If you take up the offer to transfer to AREA, then they will send out to you a reply-paid envelope for you to return the ALIS/Easytrip transponders.

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Many thanks, Pickles. It looks as if the tariff is fairly competitive for us in France so I shall probably take up the transfer arrangements. Use in Spain is becoming less of a benefit since some of the APs have now become free - came up from Murcia last weekend and a significant distance was free.

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MacOnion wrote

Received the replacement badge today. It is active immediately. The accompanying letter repeats the requirement to return the Easytrip badge within 30 days or forfeit €35.

Thanks for the info Mac.did you have to pay for the new one?
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I received a message from Easytrip yesterday through their Facebook site: It said: " there would be no charge at all, when you get .the new "Doofer" just send back the old one". Which I will by recorded delivery.
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