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CT Slight problem


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Had CT done yesterday on Kangoo which passed, but there is an issue which needs to be addressed before the next one and I am not sure what it relates to specifically.

The wording is :

8.2.22.c1. OPACITE: Le releve du systeme OBD indique une anomalie du dispositif antipollution, sans dysfonctionnement important.

Not sure what the system OBD is, can anyone help please.
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"Onboard diagnostic indicates an anomaly in the anti-pollution device without any major malfunction". Sounds to me like a minor fault. Although of course, it can only get worse so investigation would be advisable.

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Opacité is the diesel smoke test, yours is a diesel engine I presume?

As part of the CT they now interrogate the OBD port for stored fault codes, these are only the high level normalised OBDII generic codes common across all manufacturers and are only for safety critical systems like airbags, ABS or those that affect emissions, bulb failure, A/C system pressure low etc will be not be recorded at the level they can interrogate.


So you have a fault with (probably) a sensor, mass airflow, manifold pressure, Lambda sensor etc that has not put your engine outside of the CT emissions requirements but should be attended to as you may be consuming excess fuel & possibly clogging the DPF or catastrophic convertor if fitted.


Not sure why its recorded under Opacité, probably the OBDII check comes under the emissions section.

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Yes I think you have it spot on, went to my friendly local garage and was told that it was, probably, a sensor on the manifold, nothing to worry about but better get it changed some time before the next test!
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