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I was looking at some of the websites being mentioned on here which will send stuff to Europe for a "one size fits all" postal charge - M&S, Chemist Direct, Zooplus etc.  I've just got together with a couple of friends and we are going to start ordering everyday stuff en masse to keep costs down. 

Might be a thing some forum members who live close to each other could think of doing.

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Come now Coops, don't tell me that you haven't realised that you are not really paying very much at all for the postage!

The biggest slice of the cost is for the storage!

Edit :- I have just had a look at the latest about.com/french and the mot du jour is 'la mobilisation; and one of the phrases they have used is

"Il appelle à la mobilisation de tous". Sounds like a good idea to me?

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