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Washing up liquid.


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Heres an astuce for those of you like me that seem to get through great quantities of the above ane rale at the price of it in France.

I find that it hardly made any bubbles and when anything greasy was involved I quite often had to refill the bowl so not only was my liquid consumption high but the hot water charges consequent also.

I started buying it in bulk from the pound shop in the UK and when using a bottle of it over there Inoticed how much better it performed, loads of bubbles cut right through the grease etc (someone please  shoot me I am beginning to sound like a telly advert [:(]), then it dawned on me that my problem was hard water in France.

I am pleased to say that I have found a miracle cure to this problem and to be able to pass it on via the forum.

Buy some W5 nettoyant anti-calcaire from Lidl (Q's favorite!) and top up your washing up liquid bottle with it, it works like wonders, I will stop the superlatives before someone gives me the coup de grace.[:'(]

How much to use? Well I find that half filling the air void in the top of a new bottle is more than sufficient, it would probably work with a lot less.

Before you doctor your bottle you could just try a squirt into your sink if you are sceptical.

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[quote user="just john "]

I haven't got the heart to shoot you Chance, especially since your hands are now as soft as your face, but this is very very sad, what is your world coming to[:P][/quote]

Body of a builder, hands of a brain surgeon, brain of a builder on a good day [:D]

Lemon juice would probably work its just the W5 is usually to hand for when I am plumbing!

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