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Has anyone used Directe Energie for electricity?


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As I am taking a new contract I was interested by the comparisons on http://www.energie-info.fr/


show that for an internet only service I would make a saving of well

over 100€ a year with this firm compared to EDF who are being difficult

trying to force me into something I don't really want.

Has anyone tried the alternatives and what was it like?

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I changed from EDF to DE in 2010, have no complaints and had no problems.

I requested to change to the Online tariff in March this year, and after requesting monthly billing, which is a prerequisite, this was done the following month.

I had also asked to be changed to Base tariff, which was handled by another department, who contacted me by telephone.

They told me I would have to pay, I believe it was €30, for the meter to be altered.

After discussion I decided to stay with the HP/HC contract I have, especially as the meter will soon be changed anyway, for a smart one, confirmed by the person I spoke to, and it would take some time to save this amount,

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