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We are in the process of doing our sums to see if it is going to be viable to pack up and move to France and are currently looking at what types of work we might be able to do.

Is anybody out there running their own property management business (changeovers, cleaning, security checks, garden maintenance that sort of thing)?

If so, without giving away too many trade secrets, what sort of annual income could one expect from this sort of business?

Any advice would be most appreciated.


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>Is anybody out there running their
>own property management business (changeovers,
>cleaning, security checks, garden maintenance
>that sort of thing)?

Hi Glyn - we found that with the high cotisations changeovers, cleaning and security checks wouldn't keep us in the style to which we have become accustomed - garden maintenance on a large scale might but we are registered for property maintenance as well which keeps us in full-time work!!

We have enough work to take on another pair of hands but, unfortunately, employing someone in France, leads to more cotisations. We are registered as a micro-entreprise by the way, so not even sure if we could employ someone else under this regime as there is a ceiling on earnings!!

best of luck........helen
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Literally peanuts. High social charges, family,home & vehicle costs will far outweigh what you could expect to earn even if you worked all hours. Forget it and look for a proper income that will provide a regular salary because you will need it especially if you needed to apply for a bank loan as they demand proof of income. There are so many people offering this type of service now because they have no other skills or cannot speak the language.
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it's a volatile sort of business.

Lot's of people offer it on the net, but it only makes economic sense for a few.

1) Immigrants with an old farm and a few converted outbuildings do it themselves

2)The season is limited to school holidays + easter in most areas

3)It only works in an area with a concentration of holiday lettings.

Here, some ORPI estate agents offer it as a service along the coast. Inland there doesn't seem to be enough demand. If there was a service nearby, I'd probably use it.

The Languedoc Page : http://tlp.netfirms.com

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