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Astart & Maison des Artistes


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LAST EDITED ON 15-Jan-04 AT 08:22 AM (GMT)

We are in the process of registering Sharon as a business and have been recommended to use the two organisations above.

Astart is a new advisory body set up to help artists in depts 16, 17, 79, 86 and 24. They offer a range of services including the 'loan' of their SIRET number to see how your business goes before registering.

We understand that by registering with Maison des Atistes our social charges will be much lower than if we registered as a micro enterprise or with the Chambre de Metiers. We would also avoid having to attend the 5 day business course.

It sounds ideal for what we are planning, but we are only in the 'checking out' stages. Does anyone have any experience of these organisations they could enlighten us with. We've read 'Dysons' post on the 'registered artist' thread and would be interested in any other views / info.

Many thanks

Paul and Sharon

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I would be interested to know what you find out. We hope eventually to open a gallery in our house in Segur which used to be a bakery years ago. The old shop would be ideal and the better half is an artist, she won the Painters in the Street competition last year.

Kim will have an exhibition in the Tourist Office this summer and has been asked to give some lessons as well.

I understand that we could get reduced payments to the dreaded state coffers as an artist. Does anyone know if selling work through your own gallery still entitles you to lower rates and could you push it further by selling other artists' work and not break the rules?

When we start it up I am only too aware we will have to pay what is required but would not like to give them more than we can help.

Any info gratefully received.

Pip (19)
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