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My wife,two daughters and I are looking to move to the24/47 dept.
Would it be possible to find work in the building trade in these areas? I am a ceramic tiler with plastering skills but prepared to do most things.
Any help or advice,positive or negative would be appreciated
Many Thanks
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We are based in northern 47, just south in Bergerac.

In this area it would be possible to make a living from tiling/plastering - in addition to other skills.

Unless your French is fluent you would be unlikely to survive on one skill alone as most French artisans do.

You will also need to be realistic about working in France - forget about working on the black and picking up jobs for cash - to set up properly you will either need to be employed by a registered French company - possible if your French is good but low pay compared with the UK - or you will need to register yourself and obtain a Siret number to work legally.

It has taken us five tough years to get our business established and we are now in the fortunate position of being able to choose what work and what clients we take on. Most of our work is now in fitted kitchens and bathrooms which both involve substantial amounts of tiling and we would certainly consider using somebody registered, with good skills as a subcontractor.

Working (legally!)in France is not an easy option - the beauracracy and social charges are very high. You would also have to consider where you are going to live - unless you are in the fortunate position of being able to buy a 'ready-to-move-into' property, then you will require money and time to carry out any restoration work. We bought a 'ruin' on the basis of the location and the potential - it is only over the last two years that we have been able to generate enough spare money and find enough time to completely restore and enlarge it.

If you have got any specific questions on living and working in 47 then please e-mail me directly as below and I will be happy to try and answer them for you.

Good luck with your dream!

Kind regards,

Bob Clarke
Le Grindoux Properties SARL
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