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The "I need to work"


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You lot must have time on your hands, or be totally sad! How long is this going on for? Didn't it start out with a perfectly innocent question? Is it that boring in France (assuming many contributors live there, I may be wrong, I was told never to assume). Anyway, I'm taking a risk here as I've only read the first few postings to this thread, but every time I log on, it's increased more than any other, no wonder I've not had much response as I'd hope to my posting on Central France, (thank you to those that did!). Come on, get a life!

Now you can spend the next few days slagging me off! Like I care! I know there are still people on here willing to help and contribute. I will not be replying to any posts to this as I'm too busy researching for my impending move.

Come on people, LF forum is going downhill with this sort of behaviour.

Regards and hoping for better relations,

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I've developed a technique that serves me well (OK, 90% of the time. Sometimes I can't resist responding).

1. When a thread gets to the '(view all)' stage, it's time I wasn't interested. Very few subjects warrant that level of discussion unless they've developed into 'handbags at dawn'

2. If certain posters who always want the last word are involved, it's time to 'mark' and move on. Let them have the last word.

3. If posts included dissected 'reply with quote', an argument's brewing and I think the posters should transfer to using personal e-mail.

Summer's nearly here and whatever depressive syndrome is haunting the newsgroup should lift as we all find something better to do with our lives (like not sitting here at 10:30 in the morning composing this)
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Well thats what we wondered actually..being honest i did get sucked into the chaos, but we wondered what these people do allday too. It was my question and in the end i couldn't be bothered to view some postings.
Nevermind, raising my glass to all of you good people.

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