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As someone who earns their living via the Internet I would be surprised if there is some 'scheme' or simple system where you could earn money via the net. If there was everyone would be doing it.

I had a reasonable business in the UK and have managed to transfer it to France and pick up new UK clients even though they know I work in France. I am not aiming at or trying to attract French clients as my French is not good enough and the business has become quite 'niche' orientated in the last year or so - we are also in the process of registering in France.

You cannot take any business and port it onto the Internet and you mostly do have to have a business before you can try to run it via the Internet. I co-own a free resource site for Virtual Assistants - these are mostly highly experienced PA or Managerial workers who have managed to transfer their salary business to the Internet and become self-employed or Limited Companies. We run a support group rather like LF to ensure that if any of our 130+ members has a problem another qualified person will be there with the answer or help. We do not accept people who are just starting up as there are many groups on the Internet (who are mostly not free) who do this and there was a need for a group such as ours.

Anyone who is a very good audio transcriptionist and who has all the equipment to receive, play, transcribe and return electronic dictation could, with the help of some of the specialist groups, earn a part-time to full-time income in this way, but unless you have RSA WP to stage 3 or have been doing this in industry for many years you will face stiff competition (medical and legal transcriptionists will probably find it easier).

If you do find the magic scheme - please let me know

I am not a transcriptionist by the way - so any speeling mistooks or missing apostrophies can be put down to my dyslexia - I use my skills in other ways but still make ends meet


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Build a web site on a subject that interests you, work hard on inbound links so it ranks well with search engines, stir in some advertising and sprinkle with a few affiliate links to other peoples related products, leave to simmer for a few months and sit back and relax as the residual income starts to flow. Then build another one, and so on. Another alternative, use pay per click search engines to advertise affiliate products, it's quicker but involves a little more risk as the initial costs are slightly higher. Personally I do both, never gonna get rich from it but, it's nice 'bonus' income and doesn't require a lot of time (none once it's up and running).

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If you have a real interest or skill have you ever thought of creating an ebook about it?
Then you can create a website with newsy content and use affiliate links whilst working on the promotion of your ebook.
I'm currently working with a woman who has vast experience on caring for horses, but has never used a computer in her life.
She's loving writing about her passion and learning a range of new skills.
Drop me a line if you want a few more pointers.
All the best
Craig McGinty

Living life the French way
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