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Would be interested to know if a well qualified and skilled English hairdresser could earn enough to live on as a self employed mobile hairdresser in France.
I have never seen any vehicles around on the roads advertising themselves as mobile hairdressers and just wondered if they were popular, or if there was any call for them.
Any information would be helpful
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>Would be interested to know if
>a well qualified and skilled
>English hairdresser could earn enough
>to live on as a
>self employed mobile hairdresser in

Not sure how long it would take you to build up a good reputation and trust to enable you to get French clients. We have only managed to get work with a couple of French people since starting our micro-entreprise (not hairdressing) a year ago (and one of them thought we were French until we turned up as we advertise in French!) I'm sure if there are lots of Brits around your area you would get work but surely you would have to have lots of customers to earn a reasonable living after paying the high cotisations.

>I have never seen any vehicles
>around on the roads advertising
>themselves as mobile hairdressers and
>just wondered if they were
>popular, or if there was
>any call for them.

We have a very chic French lady come to our hamlet regularly to "do" our elderly neighbours (male and female). Cash only!!

hope this helps..........helen

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I've noticed that many travelling businesses offer a range of services outside their regular field.
If you are offering hairdressing services could you add on beauty products, gifts and the like?
I can imagine as a mobile business you would travel a great distance and if you can use the opportunity to promote other items whilst visiting it would help cover costs.
And maybe you could link up with gite owners to offer services to guests - something a bit different for yourself and the owner to offer.
Hope this helps.
Craig McGinty
Living life the French way
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