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Hi all, i'm hoping someone can help me out as i'm struggling to find any info on the net. We have been holidaying in france for many years and now my wife has been given the wonderful oppertunity of a job relocation. this would mean that i would have to work aswell. I'm a carpenter and we would like someone to let us know if there is any need for carpenters in the languedoc-roussillon reagon. Please reply even if only breif.

Thanks, Matt, Michelle and Louis
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There is a demand for qualified Artisans all over France, so I doubt that you would have trouble finding work (although, if you have little or no French, then you may be limited to working for the ex-pat community).

Be aware that the process involved in becoming self-employed in France is long-winded, expensive and tedious - it is nothing like the UK - (I am now paying an accountant to sort it out for me). Don't be tempted to work illegally (i.e. without registering) - the penalties are severe and applied with vigour.

Plus, if someone else is paying for you to move, jump at it!

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