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We are (hopefully) moving to the Gers in 4 weeks. What has now come up is the possibilty of carrying out the book keeping for my old company from France.
What it would mean is communicating by phone, email (no broadband in our village) and post. Invoices would have to be sent from England and returned. What would be the best method and has anyone any idea of costs and time?
I have to make a quick decision so would be grateful for any feedback.
With thanks
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Re post - Had to use 'Chromopost' (sp?) this week which meant that a parcel probably weighed 2lbs took just 24 hours but cost 65 Apart from that there is international recorded which is slower but of course cheaper.
You should also perhaps reference postings by 'Coco' (magnifying glass at top of page)who found her payments to the French system a lot larger than she anticipated when she was doing something broadly similar!!

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We've been in Gers for just over a year now and I am (finally) registered as self employed - working for a couple of UK companies over the phone/fax/internet.

I've found out a lot in the last year - too much to put here.

I've sent my contact details to your personal email - please feel free to give me a call - at least to arrange to drop in for a drink when you arrive.

Good luck with the move.
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