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Two young student friends of the family are willing to lend a helping hand this summer for 1 month with renovation work on our French property. They are both UK citizens and over 18. We have suggested payment in the region of 100 euros per week with meals and accommodation given for free.

Anyone know what our legal obligations are in respect of paying any taxes or any insurances or work permits, blah, blah, blah?

Experience of this kind of arrangement gladly appreciated.

Many thanks,

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The main problem for you is health cover in case of accidents as you will be liable. I suggest you contact or visit your local CPAM and URSSAF conseiller and ask them for the best solution as in real terms you are breaking the law by paying a wage if the workers are not contributing to the charges. If you trawl back in the archives there are extracts from a newspaper on the Riviera about the number of english who employed "unproper" labour and who have now lost their homes and face ruin from fines through legal expenses due to being caught and for accidents that happened. I am not trying to sound patronising,but you should be aware of these facts and also that the locals may shop you to the authorities if you have/will upset them in any way.
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