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LAST EDITED ON 10-May-04 AT 03:57 PM (BST)

I'm a British artist newly registered in France and now looking for new outlets/exhibition space for my work (hotels,craftshops,galleries etc.)preferably in Brittany/Normandy.

Any suggestions are welcome.

I'm currently exhibiting at "Rose de Lucile" Combourg(35)20th may-22nd June 2004,
if you'd like to check out my work
or see my site at http://www.susanjones.tk

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Would you mind telling me what steps you took to become registered (especially on the cotisation side) as I have heard that there are special rules for artists. The reason I am wanting to know is that my better half is an artist and will undoubtedly want to sell some of his work when we move in June to the Limousin.

Many thanks
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Was going to post a message on this anyway, to see if any artistic people would like to exhibit at our new venture (hotel, bar/restaurant in the Cognac region.

I know it's a long way from you, but may be of interest. We hope to start next month! Your pictures look great, by the way!

best wishes and good luck, Val
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