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10 year Guarantee


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So when i have my paperwork that says my work is covered for the required 10 years (and it is with a british insurance company)
is there anything else that the so called do gooders want me to have? My own toilet paper to bring with me!!!!!!!
Why is it that there is no middle ground between those that say you can not work in france if not registered and those that say don't worry if you work for the ex pats you don't need the insurance or guarantees.
All i want to do is work in france when needed,live wherever i want to with my family and earn an living.
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Mike. Firstly,most of us who post on here are only trying to help those who ask for info and help regarding the way things are and have been done here for many years and from the experiences we have been through. We are not do-gooders and we all had to start just like you are going to do. Firstly, the insurance is not only to protect your clients against you going bust,dying,or making a big error(some do),but to protect you also which is what the Civile part is for. Basically a good example is if you leave a ladder or even a hammer lying around on one of your sites and someone else uses it to cause an accident or theft etc,you are covered by your insurance because you are the owner of the object even though it was taken without your permission. I am very surprised to find an english company providing the sort of cover which is required here as it is a specialist insurance and not many companies do it,even in France.
Another thing you may no know about and it was big news in saturdays papers is that the authorities here this summer have taken on hundreds of extra URSSAF and tax inspectors to crackdown on "black workers",non-registered gtes and rentals and the whole building and service sector to recoup some of the unpaid cotisations. God help anyone who gets caught out,jail terms are not unheard of along with back payments of estimated charges and of course it all leads back to the unfortunate souls in many cases who employ them as they too are liable.
You may slag me off if you wish, you get a thick skin after being on forums for a while but at the end of the day you know you need all the info you can get whether you like the posters or not. Whatever you end up doing, may I wish you sucess and many years of working in France
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I would be very surprised if a UK insurance company would offer the type and level of insurance cover which is required in France for work carried out in France. UK insurers seem to still be living in the dark ages when it comes to continental vehicle insurance and I can't see what would be in it for them to insure an overseas risk when they have enough much simpler business at home. If you want to work legally in France why not just register here in the normal way, rather than try to beat the system.



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