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I'm in the awful position of having to subsidise my day job (self employed status) I'm not earning enough to pay all cotisations plus diesel, insurance, blah blah, let alone my time...

I've the opportunity to sell lovely greetings cards over here (the PostBag message has come at a really opportune moment!) - I've yet to think through how it will all work, but the idea is attractive - it can be as big scale as I want - I'd welcome any coments....

JudyM (14)

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Hi Judy
Its a very good idea. Maybe you could sell at the local markets. I even thought of it myself as everytime i go back to the Uk, I find myself going into Clintons and spending a fortune trying to get all the cards at once.
Some friends though have said they like getting french cards but they haven't a clue what they say!!
Plus I think the cards here are very expensive for what they are and they're very few and far between. You could even do mail order. I'd buy from you.
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>I'm in the awful position of
>having to subsidise my day
>job (self employed status) I'm
>not earning enough to pay
>all cotisations plus diesel, insurance,
>blah blah, let alone my
>I've the opportunity to sell lovely
>greetings cards over here (the
>PostBag message has come at
>a really opportune moment!) -
>I've yet to think through
>how it will all work,
>but the idea is attractive
>- it can be as
>big scale as I want
>- I'd welcome any coments....
>JudyM (14)

I really don't wish to appear to be peeing on anyone's strawberries, but tell me that this is not the only market research you have done.

Assure yourself also that this is not a pyramid selling scheme (or the modern equivalent).

Are you currently selling something? Why is your current business not making enough money? Can you sell? Do you want to sell? (I hate it!) Even retail is selling and takes certain skills that we don't all possess. If you can invest in a new business why not invest in the old one?

We all know how difficult it is to set up/start a business in France, the odds really are stacked against you. I would need to be convinced that a business could succeed before I even considered starting anything. If you have to ask questions like this, then (with all due respect) are you convinced yourself?


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Dear JudyM
I would really look at eBay as you can do your market research for pennies!
You also have a global audience and can either sell single cards, special events or multi-packs a full range really.
And you could even link through to a website selling them at regular prices which you run yourself.
I've just started selling French language talking books on CD and I can't complain.
Please feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions.
Kind regards
Craig McGinty
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