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We are planning to move and start a business under the Micro Enterprise scheme later this year.I bought the French Chamber Of Commerce publication 'Setting Up A Business in France' but this doesn't give too much info about micro's.Are there any books out there that might be more useful?.

Any help greatly received.

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I've just completed a one week course with my local Chambre de Metier on setting up a company in France. All in French of course, but I had someone along with me to help with translation. A good part of the course covered aspects of running a Micro Enterprise.

Well worth it, no exam at the end, and both of us got our attestation a couple of days afterwards. Cost was around Euro 160.00 and I go back next week to get my SIRET number which will allow me set up in business AND fully engage with the French Social Security system.

Wish I'd done it months ago - it would have saved me a lot of hassle.

Good luck.
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I am on the process of preparing a guide on starting a small business in France. Information is available but it seems to be scattered all over the place.

First of all "Micro Entreprise" is a tax regime. The actual business structure to which it applies is a "Entreprise Individuelle". This is the rough equivalent of a sole trader in the UK and your business creditors can claim on on your personal assets. A micro regime can only be chosen for a business that has an annual turnover (not profit) of less than 76300 Euros for a trading outfit and only 27000 Euros for one that provides services.

You neither charge TVA or are able to reclaim it on your purchases. But you do need to keep a record of your purchases and receipts.

You will pay personal income tax on profits as opposed to any company tax. The profit figure is determined very simply. You will be allowed the following % of turnover in respect of expenses:

72% for a trading business

52% for a services business.

Social charges. These are not as heavy as with other business structures but they are still quite a burden. You can expect to pay around 2700 Euros in your first year (even if you earn nothing). These charges are raised either quarterly (URSSAF) or half yearly (Pension and Health) and kick in from your date of registration. After your first year you can expect to pay around 42% of your turnover.

"Taxe professionelle". This is a business tax and is paid from the 2nd year onwards. The amount depends in which commune you are registered but as a guide it will be a similar amount to your "taxe d'habitation"

Registration of an "Entreprise Individuelle" costs around 95 Euros and can effected via your local "Centre Formalits des Entreprises" They will register you with the various obligatory regimes and tax authorities.


Peter Owen
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