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Business reg when partner is in employ


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We have recently had a change in circumstances and have been told by a French friend that Sharon should change her business set up.

Sharon registered herself earlier this year with the Maison des Artistes for paying cotistations. As I am now employed, we are informed that Sharon should cancel her registration with Maison des Artistes as my salary will cover our social charges. We understand that we will still have to pay tax on Sharons income, but not the dreaded cots.

Does anyone else have knowledge of this? Wed be grateful for any info.

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We are in the same situation - Mrs Conq is in salaried employment in France but that doesn't release me from the obligation to register my own business activities here in France and pay cotisations like anybody else.

If the employed partner is on a substantial salary and the secondary business can be treated as a micro bic it might make a difference, but as far as I know you will still be liable for social charges.

If you live and work in France you have to be prepared to pay the same charges as other French residents.

Will (50)
Forum moderator

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The fact that you now have a job is irrelevant to the liability of your wife for these social charges incurred through operating a business. However if she is an artist and earns her living by selling her art then she is engaged in one of the occupations that is exempt from paying "taxe professionelle".


Peter Owen
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Hi Paul
This is exactly the same situation as mine.
You are right that you should change Sharons set up.
She IS covered by your social security cover.
Sharon needs to stay with LMDA but she does'nt need to be fully affiliated and paying cotisations if her profits after materials are under 6,000 a year.
This is a special set up for artists only.
When she received her dclaration de revenus she should have ticked the box underneath the space for your social security no. marked "je ne demande pas mon affiliation" and then filled out the rest of the form as normal.
Hope this help.
Shout if you need any more info.
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