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Registering as micro ent,.


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I am a carpenter with some 30yrs experiance & have a property in the Limousin.I intend to go out next week & attempt to register as a micro ent,.Is there an order in which to do things or will things just unfold as I apply for the micro ent,. regeme.
Many thanks, Pat.
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>I am a carpenter with some
>30yrs experiance & have a
>property in the Limousin.I intend
>to go out next week
>& attempt to register as
>a micro ent,.Is there an
>order in which to do
>things or will things just
>unfold as I apply for
>the micro ent,. regeme.
>Many thanks, Pat.


Your absolute first port of call should be your local Chambre des Metiers. I would advise that you either brush up your French or take along a translator. Make an appointment well in advance, even before you come to France if possible. They will explain the formalities and give you all the forms. Beware as it is not as simple a process as setting up a small business in the UK, and you will be required to prove some form of professional expertise or qualification although this does seem to vary between departments.

There is a mine of often conflicting advice on the forum if you do a search. I would advise you get an accountant too who will help you deal with all the different regimes all after their pound of flesh. Here are a couple of websites to have a look at.


best of Luck,
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where exactly are you in limousin,i am in creuse and our chambre de metiers is in gueret,you will have to go on a one week course before you can register,i went on one last month and because there were so many brits on the course they provided us with a translator for two days and told us we have to come back and complete the last three days in september which is when the next course is due to be held.can i also ad that our local chambre is very helpful to the british.
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