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brocantes/market trader


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I have just found a supplier of goods at trade prices and would like to eventually open a retail outlet. However, my plan is to test the water by beginning by selling at brocantes and then hopefully graduating to a market stall and then.....
Does anyone know:- Q1 Do I need permission etc to sell at a brocante? and at markets? Q2 How do I find out when and where the brocantes are?
Maybe there is an organisation to whom I should put my questions?

Thanks in advance

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LAST EDITED ON 24-Jul-04 AT 09:37 AM (BST)

There are French magazines that list forthcoming brocantes. Aladin is one, it has a web site that includes lists of events (http://www.aladinmag.com).

I am pretty sure that you need some sort of licence to trade at brocantes and markets. Knowing France, exactly what you need wil probably vary between regions, even between markets.

Will (50)
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