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My husband and I bought a house in france just over a year and a half ago. I have just been made redundant which has brought forward our plans to move to France for good. I have however got to sign on in the UK for unemployment benefit before my insurance company pay out on my monthly mortgage in the UK for a year.

I wanted to know whether the fact that I am signing on in the UK would stop us getting permanent residency in France? Also, can I transfer my signing on to France and be covered under their system? We have enough money to get by in the short term until my husband sorts out a proper income and I don't really want to sign on in the UK but it is a condition of my policy. Any help appreciated.
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Last year I was made redundant in the UK and after 2 months moved to France. You can transfer your unemployment benefit to France after you have been signing on (I think it is for 6 weeks - check the website to confirm)and you should get 3 months benefit in France at the UK rate. You need to register with ANPE which is the equivalent of the Job Centre and then register with ASSEDIC which is the organisation that pays the benefit. They are all very helpful and should be able to tell you step by step how to go about it. It could be difficult if you do not speak French though. There are some items of paperwork that you MUST take with you - the forms that you have been given by the JobCentre and sent by Newcastle, your passport and something that proves your French address and a RIB for your bank account. Once you are signing on (which is usually done over the phone although I did mine by returning a card that was sent to me every month) you will be called back at 6 monthly intervals by ANPE to attend workshops to help you find a job.
Having said all that it took me 9 MONTHS to get my benefit paid!!!!!!! They tried their darndest to avoid paying me - lost my file, ignored my letters, told me the directeur was dealing with my claim and he was unavailable. The UK Jobcentre also contributed to the fiasco by giving me the wrong form and one with an out of date telephone number on it. I eventually got my money by contacting an organisation (FRench) for the unemployed by email and outlining the story to them. They phoned the ASSEDIC and I had my money in a lump sum a couple of weeks later - no apology or explanation, just paid into my account.

I hope I have explained the process ok - if you do have any questions I would be happy to answer them.
Good luck!
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