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working part time in France


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I would be really grateful if anyone could tell me whether the cheques de emploi (sp.?) system can be applied to work other than cleaning, gardening etc....for example, editorial work or photography. Also, does anyone know the maximum amount of hours that can be worked under the system?




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The cheque d'emploi system is for casual work - regular employment, whether full or part time, needs a proper contract of employment and is subject to social charges, minimum wages regulations etc and should include holiday pay and pro-rata pay for public holidays. Either that or you should register as self-employed (micro entreprise if turnover is fairly small).

This page (in French) explains the system; it appears any restrictions apply more to the employer than the employee http://vosdroits.service-public.fr/particuliers/F766.html

This topic http://www.livingfrance.com/instantforum/shwmessage.aspx?forumid=12&messageid=3295#bm33502 includes information on short-term work, including something about a new scheme similar to cheque d'emploi covering other types of work.

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