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Our parents have lived in France for a couple of years and are joined in CPAM and hold Carte de Sejour etc.

Mum decided to accept a part-time/permanent job and pays (wopping) social security plus other taxes and consequently is entitled to the various benefits etc if ever needed. Also when their E106 runs out later this year, her being in the French pay/social security system will, presumably, cover Dad's CPAM needs also.

But is Dad (who is 63 and worked in UK all his life) entitled to claim any benefits for himself - perhaps under EU rules? (Knowing him he wouldn't do it!) But he is technically unemployed and is described as 'retired' on his Carte de Sejour. Would it be a good idea for him to register in any case? Also what about his UK State Pension entitlements when he gets to 65 - does he claim from Newcastle or in France?

Sorry for all the questions but replies appreciated.



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At 63 he is 'technically' retired in France and his card therefore is correct. And he will get his state pension from Newcastle when he is 65.

 I imagine that he could be put onto your mother's CPAM number as a dependant, although it would depend on how they did their E106 to start with perhaps, as working couples do have their own numbers. 

I don't know what your father could claim and I would doubt that the ANPE and ASSEDIC would take a 63 year old on to register anyway, as I said AFAIK 63 is the retirement age in France.

And even if he registered, well could register? which I really do have my doubts about, they don't just pay out. One has to qualify to receive benefit. For example, I am under my husband's CPAM number. If I registered for work, no one would give me a penny. I would have to work quite some time and then if I became unemployed would have the right to unemployment benefit which would be calculated upon the salary I earned AND would be limited to a certain period too, afterwhich payments would stop.

It is not easy to get state benefit in France. They would have had to prove that they had sufficient income to support themselves when they arrived two years ago anyway, that was part of getting the carte de sejour.


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