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I'm sure there was a post about this as I made some notes from it but now can't find it to check and the other posts I have been reading are making me wonder...

Basically - I'm looking for work. I'm sending letters out and have joined appropriate agencies for my métier but (now I've a social security number) I guess it's time to go to the 'unemployment office' in France.

My understanding is I go to ASSEDIC (with all possible bits of paperwork I can think of) to register as looking for work.

They then provide me with a reference number.

I can then make an appointment with ANPE

Is my understanding correct? Or are there any steps or other agencies I've missed out?

Thanks for any corrections/ clarifications.

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Looks good to me, Karen.  Phone ASSEDIC (I still think it's funny, must grow up :blush to make a rdv as demandeur d'emploi (or chercheur d'emploi, depending on who you're talking to) and away you go.

You'll come away from the rdv with your reference number and a letter telling you you're not entitled to anything, then you phone your local ANPE.

Are ANPE useful?   If you want to see your French friends falling about at the very thought, ask them that question.

Good luck  


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Now.  I have always gone to the ANPE first.  As in help me find a job.  Then Assidic.  As in I am registered for work give me the dosh......

The ANPE will give you documents to take to the Assidic offices and so many days to make your RDV or your claim is cancelled.  They like cancelling claims.  Gives them a feeling of power.

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Seemly its alway ASSEDIC first. Sometimes the French tell you to contact ANPE first, but they only tell you you must first register with ASSEDIC before them!!!

Even the French can't get money from ASSEDIC!!!!

Being one of the lucky ones that have worked for the French for sometime I can only commiserate on the trial of hot coals you must be going through!


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