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HGV driver / Farm worker


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Hi all

We (myself, wife and two kids) are moving to Normandy, 8k south of Domfront next year. I am looking to either find work as and HGV driver or farm worker.

Firstly, is there any further additions I need to become an HGV driver in France or will my UK HGV licence be suffice.

Secondly, has anyone had any experience working full time on a farm? I am a farmers son and have worked on farms all my life (I am 40). What are my chances of finding employment.

I am not too worried about low manual wages as I have been used to that all my life!


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i'll keep an eye on this one too, it's one of my options to drive hgv. i believe there is a shortage, both in france aswell as uk? not sure about license though, but i'm looking at 2 weeks driving in the uk as one of my options, this will be enough to keep us for the month. not sure about earning in uk, and spending in france though. i'll look at some other threads for the answer, unless somebody puts the answer on here first!
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Can`t answer your question in full, but, depending on how long you have held an HGV licence defines whether you will have to take a course.Try searching for FCOS/FIMO(2 different courses)

Mr O could give you more info but is away at the moment.

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Here in 24/87/19 there is a shortage of experienced farm labour. There is also a shortage of willingness to pay for it properly, a lot is "travail noir" but those who are experienced in operating machinery and in caring for cattle would find proper employment, assuming they spoke French - perhaps even if they didn't... there are agencies too and I am told that they are always short of skilled labour.

You would need the HGV licence to drive a tractor and so on.

As you say, the wages are low and the 35-hour week is rarely implemented as it should be.

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In 2000 a PSV license was just a formality. There are British HGV drivers living in your area - I think they do long hauls as opposed to short journeys. Look on ANPE website to see if there is anything available.

Don't really know any farmers who employ regular workers but they do use agency farmers to cover sickness etc.

Good luck.

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Hi Kevin

Just seen your posting re HGV work in France.

We've been here for 18 months and, in spite of vast experience as an HGV driver in the UK Graham has been unable to get a job here.

The ANPE advisors told us that with his experience, the FIMO was not necessarily a legal requirement but in practise all companies seem to require it. Also, if your French is not good, there will be problems.

We have resorted to him working in the UK for an agency, which has certain advantages: he usually works about 3-4 weeks in the UK and then has a holiday here in France for 2-3 weeks. This means he can be at home for school hols and other special events.

He can earn more money in the UK because he is not limited to the 35 hour week and because he is paying UK tax and nat ins, we get health cover and child benefit. He is working about 60 -70 hours per week but this is OK when he gets a holiday every other month, and he was doing it 48 weeks a year before we moved here anyway!

He has also calculated that, when the working hours restrictions come into force next year, he will still be able to do this because the hours limit is spread over several weeks and not per week.

If you want any more info, email me and we could have a chat.


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