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Recruitment agents in region parisienne

Rob G

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We will be moving from the UK to the Paris region in June 2005. I will be starting the job search and application process in earnest in the New Year. The two avenues I am going to pursue are working in financial services marketing (I currently do this in a bank in the UK) and teaching English (I have a TEFL qualification). I both speak and write fluent French.

For TEFL jobs it's relatively easy to find lots of langauge schools and agencies to apply to. For finacial services marketing, there are some obvious companies I will contact (e.g. major banks), but I was wondering whether anyone can point me towards one or two recruitment agencies who could help in this area? I seem to remember reading that recruitment agencies do exist in France, but aren't quite the same as they are in the UK.

Would appreciate any advice or help.


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